iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini: Comparing Apple’s New 5G Phones | WSJ

Apple introduced 4 new iPhone 12 fashions at a digital occasion on Tuesday. They all have 5G, recent designs and new digicam methods, but they differ in key methods. WSJ’s Joanna Stern breaks it down. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann/WSJ

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini: Comparing Apple’s New 5G Phones | WSJ”
  1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max specs compared to Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and Asus Rog Phone 3. Hmm seems to run short in hardware attributes. What about Spotify?.

  2. I think they should've called it iPhone X2, then they can call the 13 iPhone X3 because 11, 12, and 13 just sound weird next to iphone for me for some reason. Also 13 is an unlucky number so that would work too.

  3. Apple has lied to us with the prices of the iphone 12 and 12 mini.
    They tell us that the iPhone 12 mini goes from $699 and iPhone 12 from $799 but that is only for a special discount for AT&T and Verizon customers. For SIM-Free and other carriers, the iPhone 12 mini goes from $729 and the iPhone 12 from $829.
    However, they do not commit this deception with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
    All this is on their website.
    They are deceiving us and we must report it!

  4. Real 5G will not be ready …maybe five years from now. Apple knows this. So this is just marketing. Unlike the 4G spectrum millimeter wave technology is week in terms of penetration through solid subjects.

  5. Apple is too busy in stock buyback rather than investing on innovation and paying worker better. Tim Cook just want his comission in millions. He will prove worst CEO for Apple.

  6. Thank you for mentioning the iPhone 4 looking similar to the iPhone 12, instead of the iPhone 5. Everyone keeps mentioning the 5as if they forgot that for 4 brought that design first.

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  8. In India the cost of iphone 12 pro max is 130k and in america around 80k, we all know about tax etc. But 50,000 rs gap is unacceptable, in any way. Its like we are paying way more than everyone is paying and its unfair.

  9. I calculated that I’ll keep my phones for 4-6 years. And I have the iPhone SE 1st gen right now. Expected to live to 70-75. So have budgeted to be able to purchase 6 or so phones for my expected lifetime. That, or Nueralink install and just pay for updates every few years.

  10. i really want a iphone 12 pro but i want the colors of the iphone 12 i feel like if they wanted it to be more “mature” they at least could have added a white

  11. For U.S users 5G is not much of a selling point, if continually patchy and hard to even get 4G in rural areas outside cities

  12. Is anybody else seeing what I'm seeing? The new iPhone 12 models all look like the other iPhones in the past! You still have the notch on top of iphone, and still one speaker facing towards you and another speaker facing downwards, and no Dolby Atmos sound, and no fingerprint scanner? Seriously? And no 4K screen? Come on Apple redesign the iPhone for the better and stop using past designs.

  13. Umm.. failed to mention the Max has much better low light thanks to a larger sensor and sensor shift stabilization

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