iPhone 12 size comparison HANDS-ON

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 12 size comparison HANDS-ON”
  1. You said the iPhone 12 will be the same dimensions as the iPhone 11 pro?? The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 are bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro?

  2. i hate the design, especially the iphone 4 vibe. i like the more rounded edges and overall than more of a rectangular look

  3. TBH Worst size comparison! Start was cringe! And more than half was showing off the advertised sponsors cases! Massive thumbs down sorry!

  4. Great video. I wanted to see exactly how much bigger the 12 pro would be compared to 11 pro. I will be getting the 12 pro I am just so tired of large phones

  5. Nice review! The 12 pro max just looks huge… I have an 11 pro max now. I think the 12 pro is probably the sweet spot for this line up.

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  7. Would be interesting to know the dimensions of the lineup
    Cause every bigger Youtuber seems to have either a model or a case for the 12
    But i couldnt find the measurements anywhere on the internet…

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