iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 12 simply got here out, so let’s have a look at the way it compares towards the iPhone 11!

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11! (Comparison) (Review)”
  1. Just a minute.. who else doesn't care about this OLD screen or LED screen shit.. cause I don't even see the difference..

  2. The iphone looks soo dated compared to the new android phones like the note 20 ultra.
    IOS was better than android when it came out but now its getting left behind.

  3. Maybe you have downloaded many apps on iPhone 11, if you download as many apps or pics, messages, emails on iPhone 12 then it’ll slow it down a little.

  4. I wish the 2021 iPhones would be iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 max I really want the cheaper iPhone 12 but bigger instead of buying the pro series and wasting my money

  5. Sticking on my iphone11 until apple makes higher refresh rate phones. OLED is not that good, viewing angle yes. But long life use is not. It will have a burned pixel soon enough

  6. I’ll stick to my iPhone 11 cause y’all look real stupid changing from the 11 to the 12 just cause basically it’s the “latest” phone. My 11 is great and hasn’t given me any reason to change.

  7. Will you compare the iPhone XR to the 11 and the 12 for someone interested in getting one of the 3 phones? Including things like price, display, etc.

  8. I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade. Sure it’s a better screen and 5G but neither of those will really matter a whole lot unless you’re an intense user. I’m gonna wait till next year. Even though I believe the iPhone 12 is an amazing phone coming from an 11 I think it isn’t enough. Now if I had an X r yeah

  9. Such a great in depth comparison review! Love the genuine answer too, I also don't see the necessity of upgrading to the iPhone 12 from an iPhone 11. Great video overall, keep it up! Subscribed!

    Edited: also, most tech YouTubers skipped over the smaller battery in the iPhone 12. I don't know why, but I'm very glad you brought that concern up. I think it's super important when considering which iPhone to buy.

  10. I do not want to pretend my 11 but yours is really slow. My doesnt work like that. And it look like the internet you connected to both phones is diffrent or your eleven is full of garbage.

  11. IPhone 11 hands down. If you're getting one of the higher capacity models unlocked you are saving more like $230 brand new straight from Apple.

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