iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro - Which Should You Choose?

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro – Which Should You Choose?”
  1. Good, informative review. I’m looking to upgrade from my iPhone 8+ soon. Still can’t decide between the 12 or the 12 pro, though! I might even think about the 12 mini.

  2. Well in Germany i had gotten Iphone 12 for 59.99 Euros a month with Cellular where the 12 Pro was 89.99 which is straight retarded…

  3. i could so easily just get the 12 if the blue wasn't so fucking ugly, cue the sad sigh
    the pacific blue tho, its so nice,,,,,,,,,,

  4. i have iphone 7 plus 256gb ive used only 50 in the past 4 years im thinking about getting the iphone 12 64gb since my current phone is giving up.

  5. Same shit just the cámara is a little be better. I got the 12 because of the shiny back no because I couldn’t afford it

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