iPhone 5s Specs, HTC M4 Specs, LG NYC Event LG Optimus G Pro - Smartphone World ep 62

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In at this time’s episode I let you know in regards to the upcoming iPhone 5s specs which have leaked out. I speak in regards to the new HTC M4 that may be a smaller model of the HTC One/M7. Plus now we have the LG Event in NYC tonight!!!!
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17 thoughts on “iPhone 5s Specs, HTC M4 Specs, LG NYC Event LG Optimus G Pro – Smartphone World ep 62”
  1. As always good job. As for screen size vs resolution you get a way better webbrowsing experience on a note 2 than on HTC One, S4 or Xperia Z. So the LG optimus pro will bring alot to the table when it comes to webbrowsing and watching youtube/movies on your phone

  2. That's gonna nd a great mid range phone definitely the best. It'll probably sell a lot too with so many people wanting a cheap good looking phone. Should kill the 4S sales

  3. Lol I use to be a apple iPhone fan.. But now I love android its so much faster and better and can do lots.. Oh don't forget the finger print that they suppose to put on iPhone 5S because apple can't secure the lock screen always getting bypassed lol.. Really finger print scanner.. iOS is so stale maybe in 5 years it will be in ginger bread stage haha

  4. Isheep ar so funny!!!! ……. The only problem is all this Isheep switching to android…… I hope the would stick with the iPhone……. We Android users need this brainless people to maintain the fruit makers and put a little bit of pressure on Google, HTC, Samsung and LG…… Otherwise motivation goes down, and progress stops…….. Isheep please don't leave the iPhone!!!!!! We need you….

  5. Apple steal their technology then says everyone else is copying. Try YouTube search for; "has Apple ever really invented anyting"!

  6. I would like for lg to had change appearance or style of this phone, because it's too much like the note 2. Lg could be more innovative instead They place them selves in Samsung shadow. Opinion 🙂

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