iPhone 5S vs iPhone 7: Should You Upgrade?

Hello there everyone, and welcome to this iPhone 5S vs iPhone 7 is it time to improve video. The intentions of this video is that will help you out in your analysis in case your having the questions Should I improve iPhone 5S to an iPhone 7? If you have got any questions, feedback, ideas, or concepts, drop them under within the remark part.

Should you purchase iPhone 5S in 2017:

Should you improve to the iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 7 Plus: Should you improve:

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7:

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 5S vs iPhone 7: Should You Upgrade?”
  1. My iPhone 5s battery is dying. My pillow speaker requires a plug-in port. I can upgrade to iPhone 7 for free but how can I get my pillow speaker to work on an iPhone 7?

  2. Watching this on my iphone 8 … but i feel disapointed from all iphone models after the iphone 5s ! Why … there is only one big difference that you Nick also showed on this video … screen quality …. look at the white balance and brightness on the iphone 5s its superrior comparred to the 6,7,8 … My eyes never hurted using 5s for many years … using 6 and 8 yes they hurt because newer the iphones do not have the screen clearnees of the 5s !

  3. This is still relevant bc I had a 5s last year and i felt nice to ride out the last few years. My iphone 5s took a dip in the pool with me and she still works but has problems with the power button clicking out of no where and screen damage. So now I got the 7 and the battery is worse than the 5s imo but i love the water proof. im thinking my 5s had a newer battery but it happens with used devices. im happy. camera is WAY better especially front facing

  4. Hi I just upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 7 I got for free it works great. I don’t miss the headphone jack. Better battery life even when listening to music from the lightning port.!!

  5. Except the battery, i don't see the difference between a 5s and a 7. They both operate the same way. The only difference is the style . Btw Im watching this video on my pc with my 5s right beside me

  6. iPhone 7 was/is my favorite, next to 5 ofcourse. I really hate iPhone 10's design. 8 was alright, but 7 is perfect in my opinion

  7. Im having 5s in 2018 since release date and its still working like dream, no android can be this good after 5years of usage

  8. And yes you should upgrade losing the headphone jack was a noticeable problem for me but, it didn't stop me from enjoying the phone and I use 3D Touch all the time

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