iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Benchmark Speed Test

A benchmark check between the Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus utilizing GeekBench 3.

Full arms-on evaluations, digicam comparisons and pace checks coming quickly!

The iPhone 6 contains a 4.7 inch display, an 8MP iSight digicam with TrueTone flash, an A8 64 bit Processor with new Touch ID fingerprint scanning know-how with Apple Pay.

The iPhone 6 Plus contains a 5.5 inch display, a full 1080p decision, an 8MP iSight digicam with TrueTone flash and Optical Image stabilization, an A8 64 bit Processor with new Touch ID fingerprint scanning know-how with Apple Pay.

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Benchmark Speed Test”
  1. Apple offers the user simplicity over freedom. Apples iOS is so optimized and so limited that it justifies having those dual cores and that 1 gig of ram. That's MORE than what it needs. So already those specs on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus is overkill BECAUSE of its iOS. iOS is so simple and so limited that the OWNERS have more control over it rather the users who purchased them. With controlled limitations they can reduce all the bloat ware and all that bugs and stuff giving the iPhone the illusion that it's a fast phone smooth and lag free. The iOS and the new A8 chip is what gave it such a hefty benchmark. All iPhone products are overall efficiency and simplicity at its finest. Comes at a cost though because now the user is stuck with a phone that you virtually have no freedom on. The Android however requires all that huge power offered by the latest snapdragon or whatever is BECAUSE of all the freedom it offers to the user.

  2. I am pretty impressed with the iPhone 6 speed and what Apple can do with a dual core processor but I feel like Apple can step up there game with the iPhone 6 because my nexus 5 from 2013 gets a score that is pretty similar to iPhone 6 (like neck and neck similar). I do like what Apple did with their iPad Air 2. I think that if Apple makes an iPhone 6s they should use the a8x as it does have a boost in benchmarks. Anyways I like the iphone 6.

  3. omfg, the Galaxy s6 benchmaks got released, and wow. The Galaxy gets 5200 on multicore on geekbech, over 7000 on antut and over 36000 on quadrant benchmarks :O the Iphone got splashed out of the water. I am not a Samsung fanboy, I am all for inovation, apple did inovate, but what sort of power is this from Samsung :O

  4. fine lets say iphone 6/plus are much better than s5 especially to speed test but can you deep your iphone 6/plus to water??? about 30 minutes???? well s5 CAN deal with it (Y) 

  5. The iphone 6 is killing the galaxy S5 with single and. Dual Core score, i've make my choice and its the iPhone 6 (64GB).

  6. Every body knew that the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6plus would do better in a speed test than the Samsung galaxy s5. No secret. But for people to constantly say IOS or Android is better than the other. Is not 100% true. Both Android and IOS have highs and lows. If either were perfect then neither one would have no need to update there respective software's. Android and IOS are going to keep trying to improve on their devices. Android has a fast processor. They just need to figure out how to optimize it so it will run smoother. And clean it up some. Luckily a new year is almost here. Which means knew phones. So I can't wait to see what Lg Motorola Sony Samsung Apple HTC comes out with this year. A lot of specializations are going around on a few devices.

  7. People don't know how to give Apple credit where it's due, a dual-core processor scoring higher than a quad-core is impressive. Stop giving shitty excuses.

  8. this nice… samsung at least heat your safety seat guys.. keep the good work samsung and iphone.. let's make this world better.. you two are awesome.. so there is no shitsung or lame iphone.. both are good.. peace all!.. wellcome to the digital world.. no hurt feelings 🙂

  9. My LG G3 (half the price of Iphone) with a few tweaks (No overclocking) are now at 3023 in multi 😀
    So both Iphone and Samsung can go home 🙂

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