iPhone 6S / 6S Plus : How to Add / Remove Gmail Account

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  1. 0:27 it does not work it works but it does not apaer like pop up the nexted part of the first part I did it but I can’t not show

  2. Dear Sir,
    M an android user and thinking to use iPhone. I've a question to u that is, when I'll create an apple id I want to use my using old gmail id. If I do that will I get my gmail contacts n pictures which is stored in my google drive. Please answer, thanks…

  3. Didn't work for me !! Every time i tried to add my gmail account into my smart phone after entering all the correct details it is sending me the error message . So finally i contact Gmail + 1 " 8 8 8 . 4 0 5 ' 9 8 44 for helping me to fix my issue with my email account. The reason for me to follow your steps because of your reviews. Thanks anyways!!!!

  4. Didn't work for me ! Every time i tried to add my gmail account on my i-phone 6 s it is keep asking me that my password is wrong but i check on my laptop and its works fine. So finally i called Gmail + 1 – 8 00 " 358 ' 2146 for helping me to fix the issue with my gmail account. I follow the steps because i looked up the good reviews . Thanks anyways!!!!!

  5. Thanks helped a lot, the problem is that when I go to google, it still forces me onto this account that I just deleted off my phone

  6. if i have another account that i wanna remove from just my iPhone but keep on other devices can i press the delete account from my iPhone or does it remove on other devices too??

  7. Bro I’m a YouTubed also and I do ROBLOX and I forgot my password and I couldn’t get into my gmail so thanks so much

  8. I have a Samsung currently and I want to change to a iphone6 and I have my email account and I was wondering if I could use the same account on the iPhone 6 ik all my passwords and stuff

  9. When I go to settings I do not have a "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" tab. Each one is separate and it does not provide the pathway to the information you show above. Any suggestions on what to do?

  10. This is a very nice video it help me a lot.keep it up. f you find any issue related to your gmail account. Contact us Gmail Customer Service number +1-866-952-1091 For more information You Can visit

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