iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 - 10 Reasons GALAXY S6 is Better

iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 – 10 Reasons GALAXY S6 is Better

iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6, Top 10 strong the reason why the Galaxy S6 is nonetheless Better than iPhone 6s.

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 – 10 Reasons GALAXY S6 is Better

  1. iPhones are future proof…no one even gives a shit to s6 now…and people are still buying iPhone 6s and also it’s on the latest iOS version…you’re just a Apple hater

  2. the first reason is personal preference and just because a phone's design is the same as the last model doesn't make it bad. the last reason why also isn't fair because the s6 edge is way more money than the s6 so you shouldn't be comparing it to the 6s.

  3. First of all I'm an android (samsung mostly) fan.

    Ok, even if iPhones are almost as fast as samsung's devices, they shouldn't be as nearly as expensive as them, because the 6s has got a cheap dual core (or maybe quad) processor and 1 or 2 GB of RAM, while the S6 has a octa core processor and 3 GB of RAM. What I'm saying that the components that the iPhones are made of aren't expensive at all, it's the simple, basic and stupid iOS that makes it fast, it's very simple, like no main menu or home, only icons, you can only change icon order and wallpaper, you can only set a 4 digit password, while on the S6 you have the widgets, the menu, you can unlock the phone with a password, numbers, even face detector which is kinda laggy.

    My final decision, samsung is power, iPhones are makeup only

  4. Galaxy S6 lineup including the Note 5 is the best lineup in the world.. even now the S6 beats the brand new iPhone 6s. and in 3 months the Galaxy S7 will be revield, which will be even much better than the S6.. so Apple had a lot of work to do next year to make the iPhone 7 compareable..

  5. I subbed yesterday, just ordered an S6 due to its price dropping £150 over the last month, glad i did as well. Cool vids dude, just about to launch a gaming/tech channel in the next week or so, my review of the phone will definitely be on there. BTW, you sound local, im just north of london, you sound east?

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