49 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test

  1. My parents are buying me a brand new iPhone 7 128 gb matte black version after 20 days and I'm very excited because as everyone saw in the video in the first lap there was no difference and in the second one it was only 10 seconds difference which is nothing … !

  2. iPhone 7 plus is 9.98 seconds faster than iPhone 7.
    iPad Pro 10.5 is 11.75 seconds faster than iPhone 7.
    In the speed test of iPad Pro 10.5 you compared iPhone 7 with iPad Pro 10.5 instead of iPhone 7 Plus
    If you compared iPhone 7 Plus with iPad Pro 10.5 (= 11.75 seconds — 9.98 seconds = 1.77 seconds) then the iPad Pro 10.5 will be 1.77 seconds faster than iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 8 will be much faster than iPad Pro 10.5

  3. android fans dont even bother and check out those new vids, iphone will always be fastest. No matter what shit you guys come up with..resolution better software better camera nah ALL shit. Android is lame and slow get over it, if you can't afford an iphone you just have to pick worse.

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