iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Speed Test! (4K)

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Speed check. A full pace check comparability between the brand new Apple iPhone 7 vs Galaxy Note 7 together with apps opening, shopping, booting up, multitasking and fingerprint reader pace check.

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40 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Speed Test! (4K)”
  1. R.I.P Galaxy Note 7
    R.I.P Galaxy Fold (but restored in 2019)
    I'm in iPhone side.

  2. Lol on the samsung when search it completed but the page not even load while iphone not complete yet but the page was there

  3. Iphone resolution: Omg i cant see anything,!!!!! Samsung resulition :Omg loooook at that resolution and graphicsss

  4. I m from South Korea.I can tell you about Samsung stratage.SS is always make copy and develope hardware things. it means just focus on faster upgrade and selling many quickly. notting special. But i like apple because apple focus on software and their own way better life by iphone. this is big gap from sucks Ssamsoong. if i sick of the all smartphone there is only one you come back to smartphone is iphone i believe. because of steve jobs and Ive.

  5. Lets put it this way the removal of the jack on the iPhone was not at all for space, but as a rip off. Everyone knows about Apples horrible charging chord scam and now that you need their adapter to use it they can make a double sided cheap wire made to break fast so you keep emptying your cash to their corrupt cause even more. Now other companies have to also pay Apple royalties to use their lightning port or get their asses sued off unlike basically every other device no matter what category (phone, tablet, computer, radio, dvd player…) that uses the obviously way too huge 3.5 millimeter jack that is a universal free design. Now what will never happen is the phone won't get too small for the charging chord and need a wireless charger because then their fools don't have to keep buying more wires made to break. They got this filthy rich by making morons way over pay at start for the phone along with accessories. Also, if the 3rd party headphones have to pay royalties to Apple from their scam design then also expect the price of those headphones to also go up in compensation for getting ripped off by Apple. So yes, Samsung is another type of company that isn't built off of the Apple values of how can we get these idiots to buy way overpriced garbage and still keep coming back to wastefully throw away more money.

  6. in my opinion this test is of no use since the os of both phones are different and still iphone beats note easily!!!!! just love iphone…..

  7. in my opinion this test is of no use since the os of both phones are different and still iphone beats note easily!!!!! just love iphone…..

  8. Before 3, 4 months i came under the gimmick of better display and better camera on s7 edge and switched from my iphone 6s to s7 edge. I tasted the s7 edge for about two weeks and believe me these were the most terrible weeks of my life without an iphone..
    Samsung does offer u higher pixel denisity, may b so called better camera , super ammoled display etc but boys let me tell u it can!t reach the standard of apple set in phone technology…. no matter how much ram and cores u give it , it wl never be as smooth as iphone…I tried to give myself reasons that s7 edge is better but believe me i couldnt resist of getting iphone 7 again and selling my s7 edge only after two weeks….I m now happy and my heart feels satisfied that i have a phone and that is iphone…..

  9. of course iphone 7 boots up faster, because there's nothing on it, small software too in terms of size, samsung s7 note is compact and loaded with features

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