iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

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18 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7”
  1. 2020 update (i have both phones)

    the iphone 7 is still updated and has a lot of speed now, with a less efficient battery. the s7 is on an older android version and is also getting samsung updates, it feels more bloated than ios tho

  2. I'm using iPhone 7 today still no burnt screen and still fast very good in gaming and camera is still not lagging I'm also going to have the iOS 14 how about you guys how's your Samsung S7 today?

  3. I’ve had both the 7 and s7. The s7 is freaking awesome at everything and much cheaper. The only thing the 7 wins at is camera. But I don’t buy a phone for its camera.

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