iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S vs iPhone 7S Plus! - Poll

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S vs iPhone 7S Plus Poll! All these iPhones are coming very quickly and on this video I ask you to take part in leaving your suggestions as to which you want to see probably the most protection on the channel of. It can be appreciated a lot and thanks for watching the content material. Be certain to be properly and peace 🙂

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40 thoughts on “iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S vs iPhone 7S Plus! – Poll”
  1. iPhone 7S vs iPhone 7S Plus vs iPhone 8 – Which one are you most interested in? This video is designed as a survey/polling video, so leave your feedback below! Let’s Gooo!!!

  2. for this channel: both ip8 and ip7s+ if possible. just want to know how much features Apple trim down for the latter and of cos… benchmark and real world performance comparison. priority is ip8, at least compare it with any/all plus models (6, 6s & 7)

  3. I've been supporting you since the biginning.. i'm really trying hard to win the giveaway because i'm tired of the 3GS that i've been using from years… i hope i'll win

  4. Hey nick. I really like your channel because you are the type of guy to give actual useful videos for the average person, what I mean by that is not everyone can get the newest iPhone or iPad every year. Such as videos like the 5s vs the new one plus phone. I think a good video idea would be something like a speedtest of the iPad 2 or 4 vs the new budget option. Because it looks like a lot of people have those devices. Just wanted to give a cool video idea.

  5. I'm interested in the most in the iPhone 8 but I don't have the money to buy it so I'm not that interested

  6. I read an article that said the one with the vertical camera will be iphone x & the other two will be iphone 8 & 8 plus. I don't know how true that is but that's the rumor

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