iPhone X vs iPhone 7 - Should You Upgrade?

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30 thoughts on “iPhone X vs iPhone 7 – Should You Upgrade?”
  1. I am sticking with iPhone 7 I have a golden colour and btw it’s so smooth good to use I’ve never been happier it’s so smooth dude!

  2. Im getting a new phone but I didnt want the iphone 8 so its either the iphone x or the iphone 7. Please comment which one i should get. I wanna get the x because of the camera but i also dont want to get it because i'd look so spoiled and people think i get it for attention but its because it looks so minimalistic and it has a nice design. Kind of aesthetically pleasing..

  3. In Romania, the cheapest iPhone X is arround 1400$, even if we are much more poor than Americans. (A medium salary in Romania is arround 500$)

  4. I use iPad and older iPhones so this gesture controls I don’t like I have iPhone 7 so watching this to decide to upgrade or not

  5. I’d say definitely not, I’m not upgrading from my 7 because there is literally no need for me to
    Nothing in any of the current newest iPhones makes me want to get a new phone over my red 7

  6. I don’t mean to be rude but what is your Native language? Cause the way you pronounce some words is a little irritating to me lol. Like tolerance. Some pronounce like (Tall-er-ence)
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  7. People who are complaining about the price dont understand. We now have facial recognition a la Kinect in the palm of our hands.

  8. Apple chose not to raise the brightness to mitigate burn in. Which is brilliant. Apple thinks while Samsung makes people think they are getting the best when they actually are not.

  9. I love the 10, face detection is awesome! It’s time to move past the tech of finger sensors. This phone is a move in the right direction with a smaller footprint with a big screen.It’s bright enough I also have the note 8 trust me it’s bright enough! The battery run time is great and it’s very fast! Great screen,fast, good battery,smaller,what’s not to like? Well it cost a but load that’s the only issue. Otherwise great device.

  10. iPhone 8 is so stupid it’s literally based of the iPhone 7 I swear apple just changed over to all they want is your damn money instead of the great company ever person loved ;(

  11. Imagine if they made the iPhone x's with sapphire crystals like the Apple Watch/Edition/Hermes that would be so expensive but worth it

  12. Hi ! Just a comment to tell you that even if I don.t eat popcorn I just love ur videos, their smart content and your personnality ! You are calm, you don't loose time with your subjects, you are well prepared, good looking and etc. You are my first reference now in the stuff you analyse ! Thanks for your great job ! Luc Desjardins (Quebec city)

  13. going from a 4s to a x. so im totally skipping over lightening to charge, touch id and aluminum backs lol

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