43 thoughts on “iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Worth the Skip?

  1. Nowadays the Iphone 8 is half the price of the X refurbished so if you can handle the older design (which you can if you're coming from a 6 or something that old) the iphone 8 is a fantastic deal

  2. Iphone 8 is so underrated because it got shadowed by the iphone x
    When they both got released, I bought the Iphone 8 without a second thought.
    It was better than the older versions, and familiar to me.
    I can say that it’s almost an Iphone X but with the older hardware and a he bottom, which is another reason why I preferred it.
    For me I wasn’t ready for the top notch screen or losing the home bottom.

  3. I know I'm like super late on this, but the iPhone X is awesome looking. I also like that it's so much smaller than what I have now. I might just get an X even though it's not the newest one at this point.

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