iQOO 3 vs OnePlus 7T Smartphone Practical Comparison

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39 thoughts on “iQOO 3 vs OnePlus 7T Smartphone Practical Comparison”
  1. Again!…again!…..again!….again!…again!….again!….again….again…again…again seems you are in love with "Again".

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am confused with 2 mobile,
    Please help me which one I will buy, please tell me.
    1st is Pixel 4a.
    2nd is IQOO 3.
    Which one is better in hand, camera and feel.

  3. it's always wiser to choose one generation older Oneplus insted for another (latest) bbk device Ram management, Optimization & UI are much more important than the latest Chip

  4. Can't believe / understand this youtuber plays his own video instead of nice music clip in audio speaker test lol

  5. See Guys Oneplus Is Just A trusted brand So the Price is High and people Prefer It With Gurantee And Iqoo has higher Specifications and Is Low Cost and Fully Best…
    And Iqoo has screen resfresh rate of 120 hz not 60 okyee OnePlus Have Just 90hz

  6. iQoo is how every smartphone should be, balanced in every aspect. Instead, smartphone manufacturers nowadays just skip of some key features, just to confuse the end user.

  7. This guy talks too much useless things and repeats everything again and again. And yes I have been watching him since ages

  8. Very good comparison.. how much optical zoom is with IQoo3? Is the 20x hybrid zoom capture details of birds well?

  9. Hi I am planning to buy a phone… Should I go with oneplus7t or iqoo 3 for 35000k … I am a professional photographer… So I upload photos from phone.. and it changes the color.. of the photos after uploading … So plz recommend the best…. Hope u replay to it

  10. Practically speaking, can this guy stop being practical and stop promoting Chinese phones in the Indian market. There are plenty of other phones you can talk about.

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