LeEco Le 2 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Best Phone at 12000 Rupees

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15 thoughts on “LeEco Le 2 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Best Phone at 12000 Rupees”
  1. sir ji pls bta de k ham ko le 2 ya reedme ka mobile lena chahye ya femas compny jaisy samsung lg huwaie waghera kay chana k mobile unn ka moqabla karty hean

  2. Hey guys I have a few points worth considering.
    1.Le2 does not have an IR blaster.
    2.Note 3 =4050 mAh battery & Le2 =3000 mAh battery
    3.Note 3 has flush camera design & Le2 has a protruding.(prone to scratches)
    4.Note 3 you can listen to music via headphones while charging. Le2 Nah…
    5.CDLA wow!! usb type c? 2x wow!!!
    6.650(hexa) vs 652(octa)
    7.RAM-Dual channel (Note 3) vs single channel (Le2)
    8. MIUI 7 vs EUI 5.

  3. Also one interesting feature Le 2 has mhl which we can connect to TV with cable whereas it lack on Rn3.

  4. LeEco and Xiaomi build quality has Heaven and Hell difference. Xiaomi has a metal back but its extremely thin. Feels like plastic. LeEco uses much thicker metal that is much tougher. This is the main reason why RN3 having 4000mah battery is still lighter than Le1S having 3000 mah.
    I wonder if Le2 has quick charge 3.0. If it does then our BCD will definitely figure that out.
    Good Video.

  5. +BCD Technology ,,,, Broo ,, I like your Tear down & OTG Supports related videos,,,so please make a video of LeEco Le 2 OTG Support (Harddrive support) in your style,, I waiting for it

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