LG V10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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28 thoughts on “LG V10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5”
  1. I watched this because i bought a v10 yesterday, now i cant wait till it comes in because you make it sound like an awesome phone

  2. I've used Samsung, LG, Windows, HTC smartphones and keep going back to LG. A cellphone without a place for my SD Card or a headphone jack is not for me. It's just sorry manufacturing as far as I'm concerned.

  3. 2019 im watching on my note 4 with 10000ahm battery trying to kill it and recharge but phone doesnt discharge great upgrade to this phone and thinking about getting this lg removable battery

  4. Until you go out side the v10 is brighter. And doesnt suffer from screen burn. Samsung batteries exploded in note series. Recalled. And they use amoled screens that get burned in images after a year. Lg is way better for a phone. Oled for a tv maybe. Upgradeable batteries and storage.

  5. in fairness we had 2 out of 16 note5 with duos model [daily field work usages]… 1 fast charges heat issues… then 1 display screen blacked out… hope no more issue to come… 1 LGv20 out of 15 security issue after back up reset got into a boot loop… but sturdy until now … no hardware issues… so far so great… just don't back up reset losely or if you did not have the right credentials

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