27 thoughts on “Manage Multiple Email Accounts in Gmail – Save Time!

  1. Why cant i have a separate inbox for my other account like one has on your phone.
    I dont want to read business over my weekend when I open my private email account?
    On my phone i have 6 accounts 1 private and the rest business… and each has its own inbox and name and send box

  2. Can I use this and pull in all the old email from the Yahoo account? This would save me a ton of headaches dealing with my Mother's Yahoo email account. If I could save all her old emails (in different files on her account as well as the inbox) I would never have to "fix" her Yahoo email account again.

  3. Hello Steve, I'm a new sub and I am having trouble receiving YOUTUBE videos of TUBERS that I am subscribed to to in my Gmail account.
    I do get notifications, but in the past I was able to receive their videos. I'm even getting notifications from TUBERS i'm not subscribed to.
    Great video.

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