Micromax Q327 full Flash With SP Tool Done 100%

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10 thoughts on “Micromax Q327 full Flash With SP Tool Done 100%”
  1. I tried to flash stock rom to micromax q327,but it failed with error the data packet with type [0x96] returned was misformatted.

  2. https://doc-04-10-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/e72efb6lk9qv7uhg5h2b4v6ung2fuvqc/lsdaarh5uit96dqnc93hqsokrq4kmiup/1535004000000/12826221629743982563/13964871796407465315/14BlvSZtzh7xb1VHX8eSiY2umOW83XKKY?e=download&nonce=i3hboaolj0oo8&user=13964871796407465315&hash=o6de3i3tr2isvlvmk3agdoq4mp6mpc4f

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