New Samsung Tablets: Everything there is to know

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  1. I am Samsung for life! However, the regular tablet does not make any sense… However, I have always bought the international unlocked version, so you get an actual native phone dialer with the tablet. Samsung is still in the game because European and Asian customers love this feature. ONLY ATT&T and T-mobile will allow this phone to be treated as a phone because it technically is! I imagine that the next tablet after the Tab S7 will be a foldable and 14 or 15" when opened… that would not eat into the foldable phone profits. I am here for it….!

  2. I'm an iPhone guy but love my Galaxy Tab S5e. Works fantastic for my needs and looking forward to the new S7 offerings.

  3. There is a great need for tablets . 12 .4 will sell very well just as a 18 if one came out .

    I have a fold and I still would buy a tablet and see many needs for it especially with Xbox being able to play from a cloud .Tablets are also second Tv for video viewing. Samsung being that it has office suite will be a very productive tool I believe

  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to take a picture with one of these without holding it? Or having someone else holding it?

  5. it has the stylus in the box lmao, has been for years. i think youre talking about a replacement pen. do some quick searching first, cnet

  6. These guys always talk cap about android. They are IOS snobs. I love my S6 it has a better screen and way way better speakers than the ipad pro. Did I mention the screen. Oled hdr+ !

  7. "It doesn't make any sense to make an Android tablet in 2020. Are there markets for this?"

    What a stupid question. What's the name of the guy? Are there positions for such stupid guys like these in Cnet? Does Covid-19 affect the brain, too?

  8. I respectfully disagree with you about using phones instead of tablets no way would I give up my Samsung so for any phone and I intend to get the s7 as soon as its released

  9. Stop giving reviews if you are already pre-decided and don't know the strengths of Android. I wanted verified info on specs, features, etc. I got an unrequested editorial. I get enough of that with politics.
    I have iPad Pro, Note10+, S4, and several PCs. Though the iPad usually has more polished high end apps, I simply can do far more on my S4. I even have Bluestacks on my PC to emulate Android. My 13" Lenovo is a great machine (i7, 16G, 512G, pen, blah blah blah) but I use my somewhat antiquated S4 and waiting for the S7. The only time I use my main PC (desktop i9, 32G, 10Tb, dual screen, 2080) is for things none of my tablets or laptops can handle and it is not exactly portable.

  10. I use Android tablets and will probably get the Tab S7. I primarily use them for reading e-textbooks, watching Netflix, light web surfing, taking notes in class, and social media.

  11. I don't know why most reviews forget to mention that with the 256GB version of Galaxy Tap S6 you also get 8GB of RAM instead of 6GB. Also, the S-Pen is included free in the Tap S6… Get your facts straight before posting videos.

  12. I love the tab s6! I'm definitely getting the tab s7! Having the ability to sideload apps is priceless! Many people don't understand how awesome this feature is!

  13. Quality of tech journalists today are very poor. Even a Youtube influencer wouldnt make such mistake.

    I hope this guy didnt come from a Social Studies degree.

  14. I use my tab S4 daily for music production and video editing. I didn't upgrade to the s6 because it wasn't that much of an upgrade, plus they lost the headphone jack that I use all the time. If the s7 had a headphone jack and a 12" display, it would be awesome

  15. Samsung launched DEX first. Apple is just catching up to the idea of using tablets like computers. They didn't even have full mouse support till now. How is this guy a tech journo?

  16. I am still using my samsung note pro 12.2 inch ( since 2015) with top battery , but shame on samsung for the updates , stuck on 5.0.2 , only one safety update 2017 in Europe .They have to support software for their tablets same way as Apple .

  17. Actually I don't agree with this,if I am an android user there is no advantage on buying an I pad. If I have a Samsung phone I may just buy a Samsung tablet to take advantage of it's full potential. I pads do work verry well if u have an iPhone. So yeah there is a HUGE market for Samsung on this.
    Not to mention the artist side of view

  18. Can't wait the 12.4-inch tablet. Held on to my galaxy tab s2 for ages hoping for a bigger Android tablet. Apple? I'm good, love my freedom. Huawei? lol. Might as well donate to CCP's "lets round everybody" cause.

  19. YES, there is a need and market for Android tablets. Why make a video putting Android tablets down? Are you paid by Apple?

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