Nokia Lumia 1020 41 MPX

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42 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 41 MPX”
  1. jiahh.. menghina ponsel lain lumia. biar lamu. kebalik malah mati, buktinya sekarang tidak mengeluarkan lagi ponsel terbaru… kalah sama ANDROID+I PHONE

  2. The first time I ever saw this ad on tv, it joined about a half-dozen other commercials which, beyond all the humor, melted my heart with the music arrangement.  Not all my friends could understand why I could care less about the phone that's being advertised here:  only the "Barber Of Seville" arrangement mattered to me.  Same goes, for instance, for the commercial about the California Lottery, where there's a snowstorm of white Lotto balls descending from the sky, to everyone's amazement, while a talented kids' choir from Europe sings "California Dreamin'" by the Beach Boys.  The Lottery part didn't matter to me, as I have no interest in buying a lottery ticket, ever.  But, put a music arrangement like that in front of me and you've got me at "hello."

  3. bahahaha! I stil laugh whenever I see this Ad. feel sorry for the Samung and Apple fan boys, they are not willing to come out of their closed houses. Scared of better phones eh!!

  4. What an insightful response. I'm sure you're an excellent representative for your demographic. So, I say again, every ethnicity should focus on self-improvement. Only through the contributions you make to society will you ever be well-regarded. And, here you've contributed nothing positive. So, it's expected and deserved that you and people like you will be regarded poorly by others. Yo.

  5. dude ffs, its an ad.. It should be a joke that will make people gravitate to the phone -_- Is your life that miserable that you can't find humor in a joke? xD

  6. Thank you Nokia for featuring a white man prominently as intelligent, an adviser, well-spoken, (sort of) well-dressed, and with an attractive female companion. We have rated this commercial favorably for our members.

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