Nokia Lumia 1020 hands-on review

Nokia Lumia 1020 hands-on review

David Pierce critiques the Nokia Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone 8 handset with a exceptional digicam and a peculiar form to accommodate it. More from The Verge:


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48 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 hands-on review

  1. This phone should def run Android. With this kind of camera and the hardware used, that would make a killer smartphone. At the moment, this is just a camera.

  2. I feel like getting a Windows Phone right now. Android is giving me a headache and I'm tired of using filters. I'll just till developer support improves.

  3. All you can do is drag and drop photos to your PC? And funny how he complains about no Instagram while simultaneously scrolling through the available Instagram apps. Wow, this guy's either completely clueless or flat out lying.

  4. "Just dragging pictures from your phone to your pc". Yeah wow.. that's so basic.. We really just need snapchat and instagram, huh? Christ, that made me puke a little bit in my mouth.

  5. IOS and Android is better than windows due to many reasons. It took apple 7 OSs to create something actually worth buying, im talking about IOS 7. Android is it is a good even if its laggy people still buy it cos its that good. But windows phone is not far behind either. Its getting better everyday. With GDR 3 update itll get alot better. And they are releasing the new windows phone OS (Blue or 8.1 whatever itis called), so we'll wait and see 😀

  6. i think what nokia did is awesome and innovative,it's a shame that dev choose not to develop apps for wp,or else it can make me buy the phone,i kind of like the metro look,elegant,sleek and futuristic,until that happens,i'm stick with android

  7. @marion817 how do you think we all come to see this comment if we cant access YT? Yes that's right we can, its called Metrotube and no adverts appear on its silky smooth interface of which can only be dreamt by a jelly bean user

  8. @StormCityUSA ios7 is becoming windows phone, they've actually admitted taking ideas from the os, so that cancels that from your list and android is really dated and slow to run, you need to try an os before you can comment on its suction capabilities

  9. brainwashed lol?? sorry but wp8 is a very good os and i really find it funny why the android fanboys coming to a windows video…hmm…dozens of android devices out there….are ya'll still not satisfied lol..and nokia did an excellent job not choosing android!!! i have the 928 myself. Had an s3 and yes it lagged sometimes bad too, and wp8 does have majority of the popular might be 3rd party but they are there and building its way up.

  10. It's laughable how these brainwashed people can praise WP8, which can't even access YouTube. Well, WP8 most likely doesn't lag because it doesn't really run any apps. (BTW, I've never owned a laggy Android device.) WP8 is practically a feature phone with its lack of apps. This is 2013, not 2003.

    It's a shame. I'd been a Nokia user since my first ever phone until 2011. Symbian dug their grave and WP made the tombstone. Everyone really is just waiting for the obituary…

  11. If the Android ecosystem hasn't spoiled me these past few years, I'd actually highly consider this phone. WP8 isn't certainly dead, but it's most certainly an ill platform, waiting for some sort of cure…or miracle.

  12. Not too bothered about the app market for any phone. I just want to be able to phone, text and go on the internet in an accessible way. Having a huge camera is also a draw as I enjoy taking pictures but never have my camera on me.

  13. Sisters kid got an android tablet. Needles to say, the lag started after a few days. Obviously it wasn't a high end device since a child might break it within the week. But the thing about windows is that all devices run it smoothly even if your device has the minimum specs.
    And that's the problem, most android fans (and reviewers) have high end devices with at least a quad core CPU by now. Try using an entry level android device for a month and see how much fun you'll have with that.

  14. And some these people wishing it was please stop watching nokia videos!! It is a very good thing nokia is not running android trash. There are plenty of devices out there running android and they come on nokia videos…shows how happy they are lol. The only phone on android worth mentioning is htc one that's it

  15. Oh you smart human please tell me: when have i compared these two devices? All i can see is that i said that i want Surface pro or Ativ Tab something.

  16. When he said he wished it was android, I about fell out of my chair laughing. What the world does not need is another Phone using freeware for an OS. I actually like someone supporting my OS.

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