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  1. I have a Nokia 1020. I have a problem in that when I bluetooth my images to another device, I am only able to transfer the .jpg images. But I am taking both Raw and Jpg images.

    I have tried plugging a USB cable into the phone, but neither my Mac nor my Wndows machine can see the Nokia 1020.

    Is anyone able to help please ?

  2. Both platforms are dead now in 2020, and Nokia's second coming with the 9 Pureview is in ruins as it could not see the Light that exited consumer photography.

  3. Watching in 2020 ! big fan of nokia

    still am using secondary nokia1020 and 1520 mobile really superb photos click when iphone11pro. 🙂

  4. It's hard to pick which one's my favourite. The 808 PureView has a vast 1.4 micron pixel compared to the Lumia 1020's puny 1.12 micron pixel. But the 1020 has OIS and RAW format support.

  5. Hey , would be possible to tweak those Lumia 1020 colors editing with software after ? In order to be more realistic instead of over saturated

  6. The 1020 is better for a professional. Out of the box JPEG may be saturated, but you can store DNG RAW images, and these allow so much professional post processing, it makes the 808 truly obsolete. Combine that with gorgeous aesthetics, a huge nice screen, and nearly no availability of a 808 today (in 2019), it is easy, just get a 1020. But maybe the most versatile, and still a camera that can match those in the 11 Pro, the S10+ and the P30 pro, is the one in a 950XL.

    Had an N85
    Even with a 5.6MP camera, it'll literally put to shame my whole family's 12MP cameras.
    Too bad I cracked the screen of the phone.

    Now I'm looking for another Nokia with a MUCH better camera, and I think that either 1020 or 808 would do the job.
    Unless they release a camera with a deeper sensor.
    Imagine a 60MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon Flash

  8. nokia 808 is very appealing, nice detail & natural colors. on the basis of this comparison, 808 wins for me , being an oldie & an old school analog photographer.

  9. Regardless of which one's your favourite, today's smartphone cannot beat the image quality of these two phone possess. AI could never beat physics.

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