Nokia Lumia 1025 Phablet

Concept Nokia Lumia 1025 Phablet!

Quick comparability with the Lumia 920. Do you suppose the gadget is simply too large?
I’m a horrible cutter and animator… So do not take this too critical. It was only for enjoyable. 😉

My intention: Analyze the company product design and create a design based mostly on leaks and believable rumours. The result’s a ‘phablet’ with a 6 inch display screen (1920 x 1152px – 15:9!), ca. 8mm skinny and far horse energy! Based on this leaks:

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22 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1025 Phablet”
  1. which apps are not available in windows phone that are available on android? 
    is instagram,vine  available? 

  2. i never seen a concept like lumia 1020 where in the market now… all concept that had been shown in youtube never been materialize. 

  3. Wow this looks Gweyt!.. I Phink Nokia under the new umbrella of Microsoft will again revolutionize the way we phink, look n feel
     of SmartPhone to GeniusPhone 🙂

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