Nokia Lumia 1520 hands-on

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  1. Nope. lol I guess the only apps that need it are HD games that WP severely lacks other than that prolly to shut those spec whores.

  2. adding to your comment the xbox games which windows phone/rt has are using the actual directX codecs which are used for pc games that means your best light weight pc games are gonna come in your hands like roadrash n all 😛 hahaha cant wait but still its on developing stage

  3. Dude, i do understand that android lags but it has improved to minimizing that. please don't call it lagdroid. not unless you want too sound dumb.

  4. i LOVE Nokia Lumia, and Windows Phone OS – Android iis a thing of the past since I owned a Lumia phone.

  5. Lol I always laugh at people who still waste their money using Spotify. Nokia Music is far better and free. MyTube is the absolute best YouTube app on any OS. Sooo feature packed, official YouTube app is generic looking and limited. People forget that Microsoft makes XBox…if WP don't already have better games than Android then they will.

  6. For me a functioning Spotify app, a official youtube app and pretty much evrey game app i have on my android device! and when wp finally gets a game that i have they charge you for it when i have it for free now!

  7. The LG Optimus G Pro and HTC One X+ that I have now are going to be my last Android smartphones for now coz I will be selling them for a new Nokia Lumia 1520 and maybe I will still have an Android device but this time it will be on a tablet which will be either the LG G Pad 8.3 or the Asus Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) 32 GB version. I have been stuck with Android and now I feel like I want a new device with a different feel (OS) and I think the 1520 is such a great device with great design and camera.

  8. East europe + middle east.. Even if they work for u and u like it i would get off the "way more accurate than google maps" argument..

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