34 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1520 Review!

  1. Microsoft knowingly destroyed Nokia. Bcz they wanted to took over them and enter into mobile market.. They failed too… Nokia did a huge mistake in depending on Microsoft for software… They shouldn't have.

  2. 2020 update : Lumia = Aluminum 5G
    Feature: Not Android. Real Microsoft OS
    Native to Xbox game controller streaming. Native to microsoft store and microsoft games. Forza horizon 4k 5g online gears of war 4k 5g

  3. Y'know, I have an idea for Microsoft. Idk if they'll take the suggestion, but they should rework the whole of the WP interface, and add the latest versions of apps, for a re-release. As for marketing, if they can integrate Android and Windows 10, then why not a rebooted version of WP?

  4. For some reason I want to try Lumia series phone in 2020. Maybe because the phones have almost no bezel but with a gigantic screens. And also maybe because currently the smartphone market has reached saturation point

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