Nokia Lumia 1520 Review!

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  1. Microsoft knowingly destroyed Nokia. Bcz they wanted to took over them and enter into mobile market.. They failed too… Nokia did a huge mistake in depending on Microsoft for software… They shouldn't have.

  2. 2020 update : Lumia = Aluminum 5G
    Feature: Not Android. Real Microsoft OS
    Native to Xbox game controller streaming. Native to microsoft store and microsoft games. Forza horizon 4k 5g online gears of war 4k 5g

  3. I just got one in the mail today, yes.. Lime green it is.. Scored cheaply off of eBay. I really don't wanna open the box but I will.

  4. Y'know, I have an idea for Microsoft. Idk if they'll take the suggestion, but they should rework the whole of the WP interface, and add the latest versions of apps, for a re-release. As for marketing, if they can integrate Android and Windows 10, then why not a rebooted version of WP?

  5. Windows phone really have a lot of potential in future but they too naive from patience until it’s end of WP era… But thank god I still keep this WP until now.

  6. Well seems the had nailed the dark mode UI (which is in now in 2020) way back then.. still love those animations

  7. Back when phone companies actually cared about making a unique standout phone instead of ripping off design languages from each other

  8. For some reason I want to try Lumia series phone in 2020. Maybe because the phones have almost no bezel but with a gigantic screens. And also maybe because currently the smartphone market has reached saturation point

  9. I hated my Windows phone. Of course it was the Lumia 521 but not a good experience. I miss Windows Mobile 6.0 Not THAT was a great OS.

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