OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 SPEED TEST Comparison

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  1. +SuperSaf TV nice video i am a iphone user since 3 years my question is i wanna switch my phone and my choices are iphones 6s iphone se and one plus 3 which is best as i am habitual of ios is it good choice to switch to android???

  2. +SUPERSAFTV I'm having s6 edge and I'm planning to swap to one plus 3.Will that be OK?.Because I have got the camera ois sensor shaking sound&vibration. Is it worth to change to one plus 3?

  3. No phone will keep so many game apps and web pages open. Both phones did do well. And a very good video. When running games it proved the vast superiority of the Samsung, and also proved that the extra 2gb of ram on the Oneplus3 means absolutely nothing other than a marketing ploy. Of course Samsung will do the same thing in China with the Note7 to compete with others and if we run the Oneplus3 with 6gb against the Note7 with 6gb the result will be the same as you see here.  2gb of superfluous ram.

  4. OnePlus 3 tested after update only partially fixed LOL!

    OnePlus had included 6GB of RAM if you couldn't use it. With the beta update that they've sent to review units one of the patch notes states that this behavior has been tweaked somewhat.

    not only in today's smartphones is the OnePlus 3 screen a budget screen it's not even in the same class, resolution, or PPI!! CUS IT'S A BUDGET PHONE.. they are noticeable differences between budget phones and Flagship phones for a reason! if you can afford it fine it doesn't mean the budget phones on worth the money they are more than worth the money especially if it's the Galaxy S7 Edge.. the phone is good for the money but so is the Galaxy S7 Edge if you have the extra cash!!

    OnePlus 3 screen it's not a good performing AMOLED screen!!

    Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

    optic AMOLED capacitive that's another word for Budget screen!!

    OnePlus 3's display, notable exceptions like AnandTech haven't been too happy about it. To alleviate these concerns, OnePlus is already pushing out an OTA update to the reviewers which may fix any gripes they had with them. Also, since the OnePlus 3 features a 1080p display spanned out at 5.5-inches, the underlying pentile matrix is subtely visible!!!

  5. let me clear this up right away I'm a certified computer technician network engineer I have my own repair shop and which I fix computers and phones from every name brand including Apple

    there is absolutely no lagging on the Galaxy S7 Edge whatsoever on the hundreds I've tested! not for gaming not for anything there have been some updates that have fixed a couple of things like every phone has it is smooth and the best performing phone out of any phone to date it has the most amazing screen with the Galaxy S7 Edge popping out at you

    it is just amazing I have the luxury because I'm in the business of testing all of these phones Nothing Compares the Galaxy S7 Edge was rated the perfect phone by experts and almost everybody who has lived with it

    do not listen to ignorant losers who say that it lags it does not!!

    nor does it lag when playing video games at all as a matter of fact programmers haven't even caught up to the quad core and Octa Core technology Galaxy S7 Edge has the latest and greatest hardware and software waiting for them to catch up.. actually in gaming already have proved the Galaxy S7 Edge Works flawlessly when you go into game options and pushed the resolution sliders and detail sliders all the way up as that's what it was made for it just gets better and smoother!!

    The Edge software this so Innovative I use it all the time I've gotten used to it it's so cool the new marshmallow operating system with the updates has a doze feature that saves battery..

    the only reason any phone lags is usually because of the operator using it. here are the rules for every phone to have a lag free phone..

    just because an app is free does not mean it's a good thing it can take up your resources suck down your battery that can cause lagging… that's why I use a product called greenify you can set it up from the Play Store to shut down all of the apps are not using when the screen is off it will do it automatically it is truly awesome.. saving your battery and resources

    the next is cleaning out your cache there are two types of cache the cash that the apps use and wiping out your cache partition on boot up you should do both every once in awhile because there can get a bunch of corrupted files and also take up alot of space!!

    the other thing as people think you can just use as much space as you want on your phone storage if you take up all your space with apps pictures and photos your phone will run like shit general rule you need at least 20% free.. 2 ashore lag-free performance..

    Galaxy S7 Edge has expandable storage using a microSD card buy a nice big one you can even transfer your games over to it 🙂

    so if you just follow those rules you will never have any problems people think they can just overload their phone expected to run well I have had tons of Apple iPhone 6s with tons of lagging more than Android from people not following his rules to

    so don't listen to anyone that says Galaxy S7 Edge lags there a bunch of idiot morons take it from someone who does it for a living who has experience with all these phones not some apple fanboy that can't help himself but to lie his way out of a box!!!

    I mean think about the guy on this page SUPERSAF.. he has tested pretty much all the phones it explains in a different video that he loves the Galaxy S7 edge better than any phone just like pretty much everybody who lives with the Galaxy S7 Edge who's an expert and true review orders and the public alike

    let's talk about screen performance people say you cannot see the difference that is the biggest freaking lie

    a phone like the Apple iPhone even the OnePlus 3 only have
    a 1080p screen with 401 PPI!! Galaxy S7 Edge has a 1440 x 2560 pixels (~534 ppi pixel density)

    BIG DIFFRENCE and a big cost difference!!

    also the high resolution and PPI helps the Galaxy S7 Edge work well with gear VR

    here's the truth about PPI in the human eye for you ignorant people who don't know like some losers posting information that is based on ignorance!!

    PPI Range Quality Perceived
    100-150 Poor
    150-200 Acceptable
    200-250 Good
    250-300 Very good
    300-350 Excellent
    350-450 Eye popping
    450+ Life like

    as you can see the iPhone in the OnePlus 3 don't even have 450 PPI only 401.. Galaxy S7 Edge has 5:34 that's right people 534 is considered life like and if you add the resolution in the edge screen almost gives you a three-dimensional look that pops out at you there's no comparison!!!

    let's not forget wireless charging wireless fast charging, water resistant, The Edge software, the best benchmarks of any phone CPU in gaming..

    fastest focusing fastest launching phone camera on the planet with the best low light.. overall everybody picks the Galaxy S7 Edge front camera and back camera over any phone

    I could go on and on there is no comparison.. and nobody picks the one plus 3 or the iPhone 6s plus over the Galaxy S7 Edge when living with it for a while!!

    those are the facts coming to you from someone who deals with these phones on a daily basis beware of people who just give their opinion when they haven't even tried the phone or live with it these phones they are just stupid ignorant losers and they can't resist!!

  6. Hey saf. great video. you won a subscriber today. but I was curious if you (or anyone who is welcome) to answer my Q. about the OP3.

    last week I didn't honestly think I'd move to a screen that was beyond 5.5' in size. but after holding and playing with the S7 edge I honestly felt that it wasn't as big as I thought and was very comfortable even in my hand ( I do have big hands also). But I seem to prefer the OP3 mostly because I can't justify the S7 edges price, not even the S7. £330 is for me perfect. but I want to ask, is the OP3 just as comfortable to hold in the hand as the S7 edge?

  7. galaxy only takes the leads in the gaming performance that means Op need to update software to increase GPU performances.

  8. don't forget that oneplus 3 has 1080p so even less pixels to push to load games while s7 loads faster and has qHD resolution

  9. Just get the OP3… No Touchwiz, more RAM (wasn't even unlocked here) and 300 bucks cheaper.

  10. Both are Amoled but OnePlus 3's display has blue tint whereas S7 Edge feels warmer noticed this with 6P also both S7 Edge and 6P feel warmer & OnePlus 3 has blue tint.

  11. why dont u root oneplus 3 and tweek its ram ..and then test it..u can do the same 4 samsung..thats where the ram management competition will start…nice video by the way..

  12. I think games on the S7 load faster because of the storage memory speed. The time it takes to the game to go from the storage to the ram memory. The processor is the same but it probably has to wait a bit longer with the oneplus 3. Anyway, considering the price i think i´ll pick the op3.

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