OnePlus 3 vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Comparison

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25 thoughts on “OnePlus 3 vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Comparison”
  1. Mi5 does some better job in macro and daylight shot and as of lowlight, some updates would fix it
    and you didn't mentioned about long expouser shot from mi5

    And Mi5 wins from my side

  2. Sagar Bhai Great Comparison
    I am using MI5 with a kind of proud
    Low light doesnt matters
    Front camera of MI5 is not beatable… Compared with iphone 6..

    Rear camera takes great pictures with quality work

  3. Sagar at 20k which phone is better in terms of the longitivity , a great camera, display and decent processor..? mi 5? moto m? moto z play? please help bro✌

  4. Very professional video consider the relative low amount of subscribers you have. You got potential!

    As for the video, it really does seem neck to neck mostly because I believe they use the same image sensor. I have the MI5 and can't complain. I use the manual mode in low light. And it's truth the HDR looks often unnatural (unfortunately), so one has to be careful with that. Overall, comparing shots from vacation to those of my friend (she has iPhone 6), I believe the MI5 actually did better, even she said so which is a decent result.

  5. great work keep it up,waiting for a camera comparison between the moto g4 plus vs the one plus 3

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