Oneplus 4 Concept

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24 thoughts on “Oneplus 4 Concept”
  1. It kinda looks like the oneplus 1 from the back and from the front it looks like the 5t minus the front fingerprint button

  2. would like to have the desgin of the Oneplus 3/3t but then bigger screen better specs and not the curved shit on the bottom

  3. As good as this looks on paper… it looks a little too good to be true. there have been 5,000mah batteries before, but that with all the other specs?? they aren't gonna be able make this a sub $400 phone. Or sub $500 for that matter…

  4. I currently have an iPhone 7. I'm very disappointed in the battery life and how slow it charges. My first gut was to get one plus 3t but I couldn't do it because Apple has the real emojis.
    Next phone I hope will be an android if I don't get tempted by the good emojis on iPhone

  5. NOT
    Iris scanner not gonna happen, too soon and too expensive. Remember that Oneplus has to keep the price down.
    5000mAh are you kidding? No. Maybe 3600 or so.
    8GB ram, again, no. No need for that and from a marketing perspective, don't see the advantage also.

    Snap835 of course the top SoC.
    QHD screen yes, smartphones around the same price already have that like the ZTE and Asus. They will have to compensate with more battery though to keep a good SoT.
    Dual camera, yes, it's a must right now and Oneplus is gonna include that.
    Waterproof yes, i think it's time and they acknowledge that too.
    New refined design, not a revolution, more like an evolution from OP3.

    Dual speakers would be awesome but don't know…

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