OnePlus 5 VS Huawei P10 Plus - Speed Test

An in depth pace check between two android flagships of the smartphone world: OnePlus 5 VS Huawei P10 Plus

OnePlus 5 128gb inside storage & 8gb ram
Huawei P10 Plus 128gb inside storage & 6gb ram

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27 thoughts on “OnePlus 5 VS Huawei P10 Plus – Speed Test”
  1. P10 plus lose on speed test ,but win on ram managment ,6 ram vs 8 huawei best optimizig software op5 is refresh

  2. what's up with the app drawer bouncing?? Is it related to ghost touch?? Is his hand slightly touching the screen that's why it's like that?? can someone enlighten me

  3. 1plus is a little better but i got a really good deal on the P10 plus through my carrier. i crunched the numbers and i saved about $300 getting the P10 plus on contract vs buying the OnePlus 5 outright. Both are superb devices regardless. Also P10 has a better speaker, better camera and an SD card slot. So it wins.

  4. Huawei rocks and has the best price/performance ratio. Oneplus lacks premium design and several features that Huawei has

  5. Hey big bro. I need ur help.
    In my country,
    Huawei p10 plus 128GB = 48000৳
    OnePlus 5 128GB = 49000৳
    Samsung S8 64GB = 53000৳.
    Which one should I buy?
    Note: I am a crazy heavy gamer, a selfie addict, and the phone should last for the next 5 years at least. Please help me to make a decision.

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