Oneplus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Test Comparison

Second Out Of Curiosity Video, This time between the Oneplus 5 and Samsungs’s 2016 Flagship Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge.

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32 thoughts on “Oneplus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Test Comparison”
  1. its really hard to choose one from both of these for me.. in s7 edge camera is performing well.. but in oneplus 5 it has better processor and advanced snap dragon 835.. if opting for a 128gb one plus 5 i think there's no need of bothering for space.. but if considered for 64gb in which yo only get 52 gb storage is a bit thinkable on that note s7 takes the lead with sd card support..
    if front camera is taken into consideration my vote goes to one plus 5 since it has 16mp but s7 has only 5 mp.. those who take more selfies need to think on that.. as we can see in this video slow mo recording is best in s7 but not in 1+5.. even though batteries have few differences due to less screen resolution in the 1+5 and more in s7 they both equate eachother..

  2. Oneplus 5 camera white balance is completely off for a premium phone. Yellow tint is clearly visible all over. Just watch white wall in the beginning of the video. Compare color. S7 is clear white whereas Oneplus is yellow. Keep noticing yellow tint in all day shots.

  3. Do a new video with one plus 5 after updating to the latest 4.5.10 oxygen os there is a lot of improvement on the camera after this update this update includes fixes for the camera as well

  4. One plus = epic photos but shot videos. Samsung = good photos and epic videos. Since I never do videos with my phone I would like the one plus 5 more. (Sorry for my bad English)

  5. Is it good to use 3rd party launchers since I came from ios and presently using s7 edge??

    I heard that 3rd party launchers eat up the ram….and makes the phone slow….pls help me out

  6. The video recording on the 1+5 is awful. Its seems like the camera missed auto focus points and the whole footage got blurish. S7 reproduces better image quality, the colors are vibrant and it has a perfect stabilization, but when it comes to photo – 1+5 is a definitely a winner.

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