OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE vs POCO F2 Pro Camera Test Comparison

Here is my first OnePlus Nord Camera Test and Review. The OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera was extremely requested however I wished to additionally do a OnePlus Nord vs Poco F2 Pro Camera comparability as nicely so I made a decision to check all of them collectively. For OnePlus Nord Unboxing and evaluate keep tuned and let me know if you wish to see a full OnePlus Nord Review and OnePlus Nord Camera Review. Who gained on this Epic Oneplus nord vs iphonese vs poco f2 professional digicam comparability?

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35 thoughts on “OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE vs POCO F2 Pro Camera Test Comparison”
  1. *The Poco F2 Pro has a 64MP camera and not 50MP as stated in the video. This is what happens when you are working on two camera comparisons at once. Sorry! Did the OnePlus Nord Camera live up to the hype for the price?

  2. I am looking for good Videography phone for shooting Dance videos which one to buy iphone/one plus/google/samsung/LG or any other Plz Plz plz suggest me I am really very confuse???

  3. the poco f2 have hdr recording? how to enable or disable? what resolution it shoots? it is real hdr or it just bump the saturation ?

  4. if i was solely choosing for camera, i would go for iphone here. Its consistent. Especially at night(very good HDR). Sometimes other 2 do better but sometimes they flop. With iphone its almost guarnteed you will get a good photo

  5. Poco's detail when zoomed in is really impressive, but nord's hdr is much better, at least in some shots… great video Danny, please make more of these!

  6. I Love the One PlusNord macros fotos, and the contrast on them is very good, for the audio it's honestly the better sound !

  7. Indeed. Between Poco F2 Pro n the Nord, the dilema is real.. one moment u think poco is better, and another the nord kicks in.. but i would say, poco gives out a more natural or real life colour rendition than that of the nord as it seems to increase all the photos' contrast.haha.. but nord has the upperhand when it comes to the screen with the 90hz on board (tho it's not adaptive tho i guess).. but poco got the 865 over 765 of the nord. so ya. i can't decide.hahah

  8. A budget phone or budget friendly phone definitely does not cost over $400, as all these 3 phones cost. A budget phone costs less than $200. Midrange costs about $300, and when you exceed $400 you are in the high end phones. Phones priced $900-1200 are simply overpriced.

  9. The Nord is an amazing phone, just wish the price is lowered somewhat. Would you do an update comparison featuring the Mi 10T pro as well please?

  10. my sister is using nord. trust me the phone feels kinda cheap. plus the camera on the front is pretty noticeable. go with poco f2 pro.

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