Pixel 4a vs Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11Pro: Camera Test Comparison!

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36 thoughts on “Pixel 4a vs Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11Pro: Camera Test Comparison!”
  1. I agree about the iphone 11 for dynamic range in video. It’s the reason i chose to buy it. To be fair, for some subjects the dynamic range is a little too artificial looking on textures and details, but i like being able to capture as much of what’s in the frame as possible, regardless of exposure. The latest phones from a few brands are nearly as good, but the iphone still has a slight edge

  2. You should clarify you are testing S20 Snapdragon US version. European S20 with Exynos is much worse, actually it's a completely different smartphone.

  3. It would have been a perfect comparison if you showed the digital zoomed shots of the pixel 4a with the telephoto shots of iPhone and s20. Nevertheless still great comparison 🙂

  4. Great review!
    Just gotta mention that wide shot photos are possible on Pixel 4a.
    Been using the 'Photo Sphere' option on the camera is a game changer for me since the 3a XL 😉

  5. So glad to finally see this comparison! Other reviews only focused on the number of cameras, or price point, giving it an absolutely unfair review. Really happy to see a objective side-by-side of the 4a against some big name flagships!

  6. I never understood why the pixel camera is wonderful for photos and in videos it loses all definition. Google has to solve this, as it is a camera software problem!

  7. Hi, you have great reviews! Please tell me why reviewers, when talking about a display, never check PWM (pulse-width modulation). Today, manufacturers mainly install oled displays, which often have a high PWM, which can cause pain in the eyes and headaches for the owners of these devices. Chinese manufacturers have started to build DC DIMMING, but unfortunately Google hasn't.

  8. This is just a budget 4th gen pixel with the big boys image how pixel would be if google was more serious about pixel and the prices are less than $500 and better than Apple in

  9. I'd love to have a comparison showing video taken indoors with natural light. I just got the S20 plus and my indoor video sucks. Trying to find a good replacement before the return period ends. Great vids though!

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