Pixel C Review: The New Android Tablet King

Pixel C Review: The New Android Tablet King

Jon evaluations the Google Pixel C, Google’s first pill designed in-house. Does he assume it is a purchase? Check out the video to seek out out!

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32 thoughts on “Pixel C Review: The New Android Tablet King

  1. I just purchased the pixel c with keyboard and I'm concerned that the keyboard is going to scratch the screen when closed(facing the screen). Any thoughts on that? It seems like it would scratch a lot if moved around in a bag or normal transportation.

  2. The price point kills it. For $399 MSRP this would have been a viable option for those looking for a premium product, but $500 makes you wonder off if you would be better off buying a Shield TV and a cheaper more portable tablet for streaming/Internet.

  3. I enjoyed Android tablets back in the days of ICS and JB where apps and the UI were actually tablet optimised. These days it's just complete shit. I can't stand seeing all the wasted space from what is simply just a scaled up phone app.

  4. Brilliant review Jon. Question – which would you recommend the Xperia Z4 tablet or Pixel C? I mainly use tablets for viewing pictures, watching movies and browsing online.

  5. If you ever think that tablets don't make sense because smartphones can do the same or even more, think different, let me put it this way. The more expensive smartphones of each year aren't necessary if a tablet can do the same or as much for half of the price, and get yourself a great affordable smartphone like the lg G4 (nowadays at 340$) or the oneplus X, you will get 2 devices for the price of 1 bragging tool. (Not only pointing my finger towards the iphone btw).

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