Pixel C review

Google has made a pill for the primary time, the Pixel C. It has stunning {hardware} and a intelligent little keyboard, however can Android sustain with this imaginative and prescient for the way forward for computing?

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26 thoughts on “Pixel C review”
  1. I'm sorry but could u expose Google

    Almost 1 year ago in August 2017, Android 8.0 was launched and was available for the Google Pixel C shortly after. I myself posted in the Nexus Forum about an issue (probably with Nvidia's drivers for the Tegra X1 chip inside) that froze the tablet whenever any 3D intensive applications or games like Clash Royale were used. The screen flashed the last 3-4 frames repeatedly and the only, temporary fix was to restart the app.

    Later in December, Android 8.1 arrived and didn't fix this issue. We posted in the Nexus Forum, on Reddit and in the Google Issue Tracker and this bug was recognized and given a P2 S2 status.

    Google defines P2 as "An issue that NEEDS to be addressed on a reasonable timescale."

    Some of us (47 people) who were savvy and aware enough to star the issue waited patiently for 11 months and 11 security patches, waiting for a fix. There was never a single word in response from the people in the Nexus forum except trying a factory reset, or the devs at issue tracker except a 'status – pending'.

    Fast forward to today, a week away from August 2018 and that status has changed from 'Pending' to 'WONT FIX – OBSOLETE'. They say Google doesn't provide bug fixes for this device after Android 8.1, only security patches…when the problem clearly emerged after Android 8.0 and before 8.1.

    To say the least, I didn't expect this kind of behavior and support from a company like Google. Lesson learned…Thanx but no thanx Google, won't ever buy again. Apple has issues but they fix them even if they don't acknowledge them. Google's policy – Don't Acknowledge and Don't Fix

    The link for IssueTracker- https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/71678283

  2. Everytime I look for a product i look up reviews, and I can never find something without bad reviews… 🙁

  3. Google's gotten a bit lazy relying on OEM's to add features Android should have natively supported years ago. It begs the question why anyone should support Android on tablets, or the purchase of a Pixel C.

  4. All tablets suck in my opinion. I'd buy a good ultrabook, or convertible all the way. Either the iPad or any of these Android tablets are not my taste, there are just too much drawbacks.

  5. do you guys know if this tablet will get faster with Android n? I really want this but it's too expensive if it's gonna be slow or won't get updated etc

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