Redmi Note 4 vs Redmi Note 4X (MTK vs SD) physical differences [EN]

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  1. just bought an xiaomi note 4x, but the differences is that this thing/phone got 6 holes with no screw, nearly same as the MTK one , but yeah thats the only one that got me uncomfortable if i got scammed or nah, please respond to this message <3

  2. appreciate the efforts… please can you tell me the name of the protector u have used in Redmi Note 4… please???

  3. los dos mejores equipos que hay, aunque en lo personal me inclino por el de Qualcom Snapdragon. Rom Pixel Experience

  4. I bought redmi note 4, in box box it written as redmi note 4. In about phone it also written as redmi note 4. But all the things like speaker holes and etc are exactly as note 4x, exacpt in my phone's front camera, speaker and sensor is far away from each other. Just like redmi 4. Other then that all are same like 4x.

  5. Well i bought Redmi note 4 not that long…. I want Redmi note 4 SnapDragon it's says so in my phone box but when i try to check my cpu it says MTK and on miui forum its auto scan my phone and it says 4X….my question is… Is it my phone 4x or 4?well everything on ur video convinced me that mine is SnapDragon but why it says 4X?

  6. This is not really the truth. You can have Note 4X with MediaTek and with Snap[dragon. Mine has got no screws and it's got 6 holes at the bottom.

  7. Then I guess I have a hybrid, since mine has 6 openings on each side underneath the phone(MTK), no tiny screws on either side(SD). Νo plastic surrounding the USB port (SD) and no plastic surrounding the 3.5 mm jack (SD).
    The camera is a bit lower(MTK) but it has shiny metal lines (SD) but the lines are narrow (MTK). How fun!

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