Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 Pro | Best Budget Phones Compared

Comparing (*6*) Redmi Note 9 Pro vs the Realme 6 Pro, to see which funds smartphone is greatest for you in 2020. Here we check out the efficiency, gaming chops, battery life, digital camera tech and examine the Realme 6 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro to work out which is the best low-cost cellular of the yr.

If you are after an reasonably priced Android cellphone, these are two of my favourites. They boast spectacular worth, due to the superb specs – each are powered by the Snapdragon 720G platform, so gaming on the likes of PubG Mobile is a clean, satisfying expertise. (*9*) life can also be spectacular, though the Redmi Note 9 Pro beats the Realme due to its large 5020mAh cell vs the smaller 4200mAh effort.

I additionally want (*6*) smartphone for the digital camera outcomes. HDR photographs come out with a extra vibrant end, full with stronger distinction. That mentioned, the Realme 6 Pro additionally does nicely, providing a equally sturdy set of digital camera options.

The Android 10 OS is tweaked with Realme UI or MiUI relying in your selection, though we’re nonetheless ready for the newest MiUI 12 on that Redmi. An replace needs to be coming this summer season.

My full opinions of each telephones are stay now, so verify that out for my last verdict on each of those glorious worth mobiles! .

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42 thoughts on “Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 Pro | Best Budget Phones Compared”
  1. Thanks man!
    I've watched video on thursday october 1st and bought Redmi Note 9 Pro. Phone is real deal! On discount price 249 euros! :))

  2. Appreciate part re external sound but what about the audio when used with headphones? I nearly bought a Note 9 yest but the sound was a good 10% lower on max volume than my note 4. So I didn't buy it! Thanks Chris

  3. Buying realme 6 might be a good option as it uses google apps unlike redmk miui apps with ads(sort of mess)

  4. I prefer Xiaomi bcz I bought one but this phones are perfectly equal, why aren't xiomi and realme the most bought phones, apple and Samsung are not at the same level anymore, apple never was btw

  5. Redmi note 9 pro: $235 (walmart)
    Realme 6 pro: $329 (walmart)
    Pixel 4a: $349

    If I am keeping a budget of Realme 6 pro, I would rather buy a Pixel 4a. It will be much more refined that Realme in every aspect.
    Since I wanted something super cheap yet functional, Redmi note 9 pro is perfect.

  6. Having just tried the Redmi Note Pro 9 compared it against a Xiaomi mi max 2 i found the max 2 screen contrast much better and a brighter screen also the speaker quality much better than the pro 9. Also hate how slim and long new phones are. Also found when watching videos at the correct 16.9 they are the same size as my Xiaomi mi note 2 which is a 5.7 inch 16.9 ratio screen.

  7. It is a very hard choice between the two smartphones because the redmi note 9 pro will have miui 12 (the best Android interface), the best batteries and power charge but the realme 6 pro has the 90hz and a telephoto.So I don't know which smartphone choice.
    (I am French)

  8. Very good description! YouTube is so full of reviews and unboxing videos that it's hard to find a really good one.
    So, if I'm not planning to game or stuff like that, but my biggest priorities are camera and sound quality (for music with headphones) which one should I go for?
    The level of these two is the maximum I'd spend on a phone, tbh.

    Thanks a lot!

  9. 90 fps on a small screen is useless (you will never get those frames in any game and you eye doesnt see the difference). Its jsut a waste of batery life honestly

  10. Hi,
    What about screen brightness and outdoor legibility?
    Those screens look (at least in video) very differrent in terms of brightness and colors.

  11. When anyone is purchasing a Pro model phone, you are buying it for the cameras, not for 90hz or Bluetooth 5.1, and Redmi Note 9 pro has the better camera footage, its more natural than the over saturated/ fake looking colors on the Realme 6 pro

  12. I was thinking to go for Redmi Note 9 but when you explained about Realme 6 Pro, You just changed my mind to go for 6 Pro. Thanks for getting straight to the point. Bravo

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