Samsung Ch@t 335 Review

PhoneArena critiques the Samsung [email protected] 335. The Samsung [email protected] 335, also called the Samsung S3350, is a candybar portrait QWERTY handset, designed with heavy texters in thoughts. You not solely get a BlackBerry-esque keyboard, however to fit your internet wants, the cellphone comes with Wi-Fi on board, as urged by the proud “WiFi” emblem on the entrance…
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25 thoughts on “Samsung [email protected] 335 Review”
  1. My samsung chat 335 accidentally fell into the water, then a week later it was good except the main button's sensibility. It was 4 years ago, and now I am checking this phone and everything is working sooo good. There is just one problem: 4 years ago I made a password to all my messages, so now I can't check my old messages because I forget the password. If somehow I delete all the messages I can get into the message folder…

  2. i loves this phone!
    pretty much a blackberry, just a bit better.
    it is literally indestructible. i dropped it in a pool-it still worked, i threw it at a brick wall-it still worked.
    a few scratches on the edges that couldn't really be seen.
    could get a few games, good camera and storage space is amazing!
    If it freezes or anything happens for it to not really work, just take the battery out and put it back and vwala! back to normal!
    i would only recommend this phone for calls and texts, nothing like phones nowadays.
    the quality of youtube isn't very good but can cope and internet searching can be laggy, yet usable.
    My friend and i had them for three years and only got rid of because we got iPhones.
    definite get again if something happened to my iPhone

  3. I had this phone on contract for 2 years and i couldnt brake it. I got sick of it after a while so i advise you not to get it. Waste of time and money.

  4. I have this phone ive had it for quite a while now its really good for me because i needed it for my social apps (Facebook.twitter,youtube) its good on mine! Also you can get skype chat on the samsung. Great Review 🙂

  5. my phone, swam on the toilet. yet, im not happy about it. but i just couldn't live without texting for a day.

  6. im getting this phone sometime this week im well happy! looks good and looked at other reviews too and people say its good and this review is good Thanks.

  7. how do you move the clock around the home screen as that is the only bit I don't understand how to do. Or even get rid of the clock off the screen please help thank you

  8. This phone is shit shit shit shit shit !!!! If you Want one in the same style, well, get a Samsung Galaxy Y pro !!

  9. yeah pretty much but if I'm watching vids on youtube with my phone it makes a strange sound and ithe video is very vague

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