Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 or A5 2017 | in-depth comparison

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 or A5 2017 | in-depth comparison”
  1. I choose A5 2017 but 2016 is more better. Because fortnite support the 2017 so i can play fortnite i love them both

  2. I have Samsung A5 2016 and it is working very good and not facing any problem as well as I have NOUGAT version which is amazing. I still think the design of the 2016 is the best!

  3. someone is selling me an A5 16 in 200 dollars… now that I'm watching that video I'm going to take this good offer. thanks.

  4. I keep coming back to Damir Franc reviews for the final decisions I need to make. Always worth watching in full

  5. Great video but i still don't know exactly what to buy. The price is not a problem. They both have almost the same caracteristics when we use it. Please Help Me.

  6. most of your videos contains the words which describes the actual technical aspects which might be not easily understood by a non-tech savy or a normal user
    so i guess you should also explain in general terms too
    i mean if a normal user is going too buy A5 then which one he/she should select

  7. I like your style man. No intro, no advertisement bullshit. Straight to the point. Keep it up. Would appreciate if you showed original themes in your reviews. Subscribed.

  8. I have lots of micro USB cable around the house so I think I'll go with the 2016 version, no point in buying new cables 🙂
    The video is great, thank you for helping me make up my mind in other respects, too.
    One question – the display on 2016 seems to flicker/wave in your video, I assume that's not visible in real life?

  9. now i think the 2017 is better . the price is good
    i like your reviews but in this one you missed the part of the performance ; the 2017 is better in multitasking and ram management and gaming .
    think you for your video it's really helpfull

  10. Hey Damir, i couldget brand new A5 2016 for EUR230 and A5 2017 for EUR303, which one would you prefer? Also I think Sar levels in A5 2016 is much lower…thanks GREAT video, well done

  11. Please help me. My a5 2016 is still on Lollipop. I don't want to upgrade using a computer. I want the official update via OTA. I have been checking for updates almost everyday but it says I have the latest version which is lollipop. I want at least the marshmallow update. My unit's model is SM-a5100. Thank you so much to anyone who will kindly reply.

  12. Nothing mentioned about features. It's only worth upgrading if you need: Samsung Pay MST, dedicated SD Card + 2 SIMs at the same time, IP68, gyroscope, barometer, 32 GB internal memory, finally you don't care about design because 2016 is far sexier.

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