18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) vs Galaxy S6 – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

  1. A5 2016: The one and only time an A series mid-ranger was the better S series phone.
    A5 2016 may had the worse processor, camera and Display..
    BUT, the differences were really, really small. A5 2016 blazed trough daily apps. S6 was just better on games. The display of the S6 (2400×1200 QHD+) was sharper, but you could only spot the difference in VR. The display of the A5 2016 ( 1920×1080 FHD+ ) destroyed anything in 2016 as it was breaking records with its deep blacks and bright colours.
    Yet, the A5 2016 had waaay better battery life, expandable storage and it had a better premium build. Many people prefered its more "corner" build compared to the S6's rounded build This phone was on Place 1 on nearly any smartphone site for an half year!
    The A5 2016 was my first A phone. Now I have an A9 2018 wich is superb. I still use my A5 2016 as my second phone. Its still really good, and that after nearly 4 years!!!!

  2. Some pics looks better with A5, some with S6 and I think I know why, it's because of the Auto Settings. When the ISO goes high the pic looses his quality. In Auto Settings ISO can be different in the same lightning condition. Overexposure is another one on this list beside the size of the senzsor.

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