Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): A Complete Guide

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) – full information: We’ve collated every part you could learn about Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy A5. Here you will discover our unboxing, assessment, suggestions & methods and a devoted digital camera assessment multi function place

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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): A Complete Guide”
  1. How do i change the layout of the keypad 1i have is got has 3 letters in a box i just want a ordinary keypad on my phone

  2. Sadly the CAMERA is very bad to use which is why I am switching.

    Even though it has the ability to take great pictures in optimal lighting conditions there is no optical image stabilisation and the camera software does not tweak this. This means that while you can take good pictures, 95% of the time you don't. They loose a lot of detail and look very soft and out of focus. My much older Oneplus 2 took better pictures even though the hardware was worse. Check message boards: this is a common issue. To get a good selfie you need to hold it close to your face due to the fixed depth autofocus, have good lighting, use flash anyway and hold your hand absolutely still. Otherwise they will look too blurry even to use on fb or instagram.

    Terrible call microphone placement that you naturally cover with a finger and mute when you use. Not a bad phone otherwise, love the size, nice crispy screen and once I updated it the battery (which was draining fully in 3 hours) can get a good 8+ hours of heavy use and constant screen on time incl taking photos. So should be enough for the average user to last a day. If you aren't fussed about perfect insta pics and can get this for a bargain second hand like I did (bought it in pristine condition in the box in mid 2019 for £80 – bargain then)

  3. I have locked by Samsung Galaxy 5s by enabling talkback and I cannot get it of – I am deaf so that what I was looking for can you give me check list of actions to remove this enabled talkback – Thank ypu

  4. My old A5 kicked the bucket. The charging port got damaged. Got myself the A8. Even better whenever i do charge phone. Much faster

  5. How do I get the reference number on photos in running order. To try it out I took 3 photos one after the other. Their Reference numbers were 2019000206-144510, 144515 & 145023. I am going on holidays and want to take lots of photos but am worried they will not be recorded in order.

  6. I have a question about the navigation voice on the Samsung A5. The voice that responds when we say OK Google. It's a female voice by default, but I want to change it to a male voice. Is that possible? Thank you!

  7. How do you listen to audio eg, music, apps with music, or audio files when the phone is locked? It's annoying when it self disconnects when listening to anything.

  8. Just bought this phone a few weeks ago and your review remarkably reflects my feelings. A really nice phone. Delivery a tadd bit fast but many useful points covered in seconds. Obviously directed to people who want a lot of info for comparative purposes.

  9. My phone updated lasy night & I lost my custom text ringtone for specific people. Is there a way to get that back? If not, how do I reprogram it. I customized it when i got my phone & dont remember

  10. On my old ipone I could read text when I Select All and, then pressed read. How can I get my Samsung A5 2017 to do the same?

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