41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Galaxy S7 Coca-Cola Freeze Test 11 Hours! Will It Survive?

  1. Currently using an A5, I used to test all the durability features it claims to have back when I first got the device. That being said I got moisture in the A5 charging port several times. The thing about the A5 is that it will not allow you to charge the device until no more moisture is detected. Sometimes it may take a few hours to completely dry but it is a very smart feature as in this phone the charging port and the motherboard are one piece meaning should you short out, or otherwise mess up the charging port you would need to replace the whole motherboard essentially resetting the phone to factory.

    This video was very interesting to watch and I did enjoy viewing it however I feel that the creator could have put a little more time into researching various details about the phones and their features. If they would have done that they most certainly would have found out this information and been able to make the video that much better.

    Keep up the good content and just be sure that you know everything you are saying because while you say that the A5 failed on 3 aspects I believe it was just a lack of overall knowledge.

  2. The Samsung A5 2017 is ok it's just needs to be dried out a little while and it will run perfectly it happened to mine and it runs fine now just let it wash out because type-c is more sensitive than micro pen meaning that type-c will take long time to dry out because there is little tiny pins you need to wait until the water is it

  3. Samsung galaxy a5 is 1000% better
    1. Samsung galaxy is blocking charging port from charging when its wet for safety and short circuits.

    2. Much better because it has fast charging – C port which is much better

    First read something about A5 and then do tests because you are failed because you dont know so much things plus notification said !!!" CLEAN CHARGING PORT TO CHARGE"!!! Bro and you ignored it so sorry bur this test is very big shit because you saying wrong info to everyone and they will think bad about A5 but its 100% better than other phones. So im your place gonna delete the video

  4. Guys I saw the video both phke are awesome, but A5 …is my fav and I am using it now , and yeah if it get dry the type C it will work I am sure ..I was in the water with that phone A5 and yeah isnte best phone ever made

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