Samsung Galaxy A5 vs A7 (2016) Speed, Camera Review, Full Comparison

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 vs A7 (2016) Speed, Camera Review, Full Comparison”
  1. Hi the Samsung A5 has a 16megapixel camera and the A7 has a 24mp,5mp,5mp you have the wrong discretion at the start of your video

  2. since I bought Samsung galaxy A5..I never feel like to buy any other mobile till now..seriously…front camera n back camera both r superb n battery charging so fast…so smooth to touch n lots of finally I believed samsung..

  3. Hello. Are they both good for video recording at a concert or live show situation ? some phones cannot reduce bass sound noise.

  4. I dont know what to buy and cant decide Galaxy A7(2016) or HTC A9 ??? the price is the same in my country for the both phones..

  5. i prefer this than SONY M5 which is full of Bugs. M5 only has better camera but other stuffs are trash. based on experience go check the Philippine group for sony m5 u will see complaints

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