16 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 vs iPhone 6 Speed Test 4K

  1. I'm tired of these "ideal" Europeans. In which boast except nothing. No quality and service support. People, why pay twice? If similar goods, and even better, you can buy in China. I for myself have opened Chinese online stores. Believe me, as good quality. Now Black Friday ordered a steep Uhans H5000 for 100 €. Ask his performance! Galaxy A5, S5 and even some do not lie!

  2. the only huge problem with the A5 is that it doesnt have a gyroscope, so you cant play a lot of games and cant use google cardboard to see in VR. I have an A5, before that a had an iPhone 5 and I miss the gyro. And IOS is more fluid and nicer than android, but with android you can do more thing.

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