Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) vs Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) vs Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Comparison

My digicam comparability of the Samsung Galaxy A7 vs S7 and S7 Edge cameras.

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) vs Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Comparison

  1. I'd love to see a comparison where you put the phones on a stand above something with a lot of small text (like the grey text printed on black microchips on a busy electronic circuit board), and see if any of them can actually auto-focus well enough to be able to read all of the the text in the resulting photos (like on the microchips, the PCB silk-screen layer, the sides of capacitors, etc.).

  2. I have a7 and s7 edge, not a big difference except s7 edge has 4k, sometimes s7 edge beats a7 in details.
    BUT a7 is a very good phone. It gets even better if you look at price. I had to buy another phone bcs i cracked my s7 edge display, still works,perfomance not affected,but the cracked display looks so bad like Danube Delta across the screen. I know in terms of perfomance s7 edge wins, but my parents wouldn t agree buying s8… so that s it. For anyone with limited budget I highly recommend a7 2018. One fact, the front camera on a7 somehow is better than s7. S7 edge performs better on dynamic range, but a7 does very well. To be honest, the camera perfomance fascinated me,the phone being cheap.
    It has a good looking display,but i miss sometimes s7 edge, that was a masterpiece display.
    In general s7 edge wins, but I call it tie. I did not regret buying this phone.i still have s7 edge as the reserve phone. I will not sell it cuz the soul does not allow me 🙂

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