Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 vs S7 Edge - Speed & Camera Test!

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 vs S7 Edge – Speed & Camera Test!”
  1. Your advice kind of suck dude cause after the new software update of A7 2017 its a looooooot bettter then S7 edge and compare to A7 S7 edge hangs alot and sometimes it crash and phone was brand new i didnt got the chance to use it properly but the A7 is hevenly good its alot faster than S7 edge

  2. minute 4:45 you said the difference in wifi speed of the two phones is 50 mega, broo i only got 11 mega in my house!!

  3. What you choose ? a new product of Galaxy A7 for 300€, or a 1year used S7 Edge, well cared for 350€ ? thanks so much

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