Samsung Galaxy J4 2018 Unboxing And First Look

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J4 2018 Unboxing And First Look”
  1. I had been using samsung j4 for 3 years now and quarantine takes me to a point i need to know about my phone after 3 YEARS

  2. Me: j4+
    My friend: j4
    Me: how the fuck can you play games so well mine is so bad and it not good for games
    (I'm a s series and note series fan)

  3. I regret buying this phone. It's such a waste of money. I haven't had it for more then six months but there speaker is not working and even where you have insert your eyephones. It's not working

  4. This phone I wack, I bought mine two months ago ,but the speaker is no longer working. I have to use earphones when I'm on a call with someone!!

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