Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Unboxing & Overview

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Unboxing & Overview”
  1. So this is my experience. I had this phone from 2018 September and it was brilliant while it lasted, now I am going to buy Slmsung galaxy note 9 because Instagram and Google started to lag.. I have quite a lot memory / storage nor played video games on my phone but it got very laggy. My reccomendation is not to buy it, just my opinion..

  2. Oneui and android 10. So yeah samsung is still coming up with updates for this one. Still runs smooth for a 2 y/o device

  3. I think he spoke not more than 3 or 4 sentences throughout 10 minutes considering the no. of times he said "aaaand".

  4. Since 2 years I'm using j6. It's really nice phone. I'm using above 30 third party applications without any issues. No lag, no hang. But for high graphics gaming not much better in this. For gaming I'm using s10 lite. Still j6 is awesome for daily use

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