22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J6 vs Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

  1. I have the j5 well over a year now, before i bought it reviewers were saying it will have issues with the low ram capacity of 2gb but with the oreo update it doesn't. The camera quallity got so much better, the battery consumption lesser, more features and the "issue" with the ram, which i had no issues with, got even better. If i had (without optimisation) 500mb of free ram now i have 800 with the oreo and it is so smooth. Really an awesome phone for the money. My deal with my provider runs out in september and i can get a new phone and i really don't want to. It is one tough phone. Plus this is comming from a dude that was 16 hours of the day on his phone, banging with youtube, instagram, music, games, pictures and videos. I thought i would destroy this phone if i kept doing all those things for over 10 hours a day but it's going strong. The battery holds really well, the screen colors are really alive and natural and aren't "out of breath" like on the j6+(lcd screen, not like the standard amoled j6). I said j6+ because i've seen that model and it didn't impress me. So j5 from me!

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